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about the trail in the zone of Franconian Switzerland

Mainly a narrow path in mixed forests, on meadows and fields, along with rocks and caves - landscape and geological highlights string together as pearls in a necklace.

You can enter at every point of the circuit - for the > hiker of pleasure it´s recommended to start at the administrative centre in the middle of the trail > Muggendorf, for > speedhikers/trailrunners with a regular look at their watch (pulse) > Streitberg is an ideal start/final point.  Questions left? > contact

Data of the tour with descriptions, GPS-track, infos you can find at <Kontakt-Infos> Tour-Daten >>

The > Fränkische Schweiz is not a high mountains region, but the name "Schweiz" (Switzerland) indicates that some tracks absolutely have alpine character!

Good footwear with adequate soles is a must, walking sticks are helpful.

Yet, alpine risks are not to be expected, as there is a village or a hostelry nearby at every point of the route Wiesenttal GebirgsTrail  (> Guesthouses).

If you are planning to realize the tour in (two) stages -> nevertheless along with footstep stability you need to have a sufficient physical shape for a couple of hundreds meters in difference of altitude. The whole tour at a stretch is a challenge for normal hikers, for apinists it´s a good alpine training.

Some Highlights of the tour are listed as headwords at the bottom of the webpages and linked with additional informations and illustrations. The selection, of course, is subjective and incomplete!

Surely you will discover on your tour further beautiful places, romantic lookouts, geological peculiarities and much more.

It´s still today evident, how different have been the conditions of life of the rural population, even some decades ago - particularly the contrast between valley and hill, which is perceptible from the first to the last step on the circuit ~Wiesenttal~Trail~. 

The use of these informations and the tour itself is under all circumstancies on everyone ´s one risk!